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Alabama Department of Corrections - Re-Entry Resources

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Alabama Department of Corrections - Re-Entry Resources


Provide public safety through the safe and secure confinement, rehabilitation and successful re-entry of offenders.

Re-Entry Resources, agencies and Services Provided:

Alabama Department of Public Safety:
Personal identifications, non-drivers identification, driving laws

Social Security Administration:
Obtaining social security cards, applying for SSI/SSDI benefits

Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles:
Community supervision, applying for a pardon, restoration of voting rights, felony gun laws

Alabama Department of Public Health:
Applying for a birth certificate, health screenings, STD treatment, clinic and primary health care referrals, WIC, family planning services

Alabama Department of Human Resources:
Modifications of child support payments, termination of parental rights, family assistance, food stamps, childcare subsidy programs

Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs:
Community resource network, career resource centers, job and employment services, vocational and apprenticeship programs, GED testing

Salvation Army:
Food, clothing, and emergency shelter services

American Red Cross:
Community referrals for clothing and social services

Sheriff's Department:
Felony identification card, driving laws and ex-felon laws

Alabama Department of Mental Health:
Inpatient and outpatient substance abuse programs, NA / AA self-help meetings, certified mental health centers

Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services:
Vocational Counseling, career planning, education assistance, job placement and assistive technology

Community Partnerships for Reentry and Recovery:
Comprehensive faith based and community reentry programs.

AIDS Service Organizational Network of Alabama:
HIV specific medical and dental care, social services, case management and treatment services for persons living with the virus.

Alabama Department of Labor:
Information on tax incentives and credits for employers that hire ex-offenders.

Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs:
Assistance is available to veterans and federal benefits.

Alabama Job Link:
Assistance with job search and placement.

Alabama Department of Senior Services:
Medicaid information, caregiver resources and services available to seniors.

Alabama Department of Children's Affairs:
Information on services available for children ages 0-19.

Alabama Cooperative Extension System:
Information on community services and resources offered through social service agencies, businesses and corporations.

United Way of Alabama:
Special need services including food, clothing, shelter and social services throughout Alabama.

The Ordinary People Society:
Mentoring, job skills, life skills, housing and transitional services.

Alabama Justice Ministries Network:
Ministry, mentoring and supportive services.

New Beginnings Community Foundation:
Comprehensive two year faith-based prison reentry preparation program called Pathway to Freedom. Administers a web resident referral database for reentry support services statewide.

Renascence Re-Entry Community:
Renascence is a six to twelve month residential reentry program for nonviolent, non-sex offense men on probation or parole.

Mission Statement: Dedicated professionals providing public safety through the safe and secure confinement, rehabilitation and successful re-entry of offenders.