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Beauty for Ashes Women's Homes

236 147thStreet NE
Bradenton,FL 34212
(941) 400-0590
Beauty for Ashes Women's Homes


We encourage women to stay in the program for 12 18 months. We believe it is imperative for their success to stay in the program long enough to become grounded in who they are in Christ, become strong enough to be independent, and yet not so long that they become dependent on the program we offer.

We are located in Bradenton, Florida.
Who Our Program is For

Our program is for women struggling with hurts, habits, and hang-ups; Women who are in transition from places like prison, county jail, or abusive relationships.
Our program is for women who strive to become independent but need a helping hand to get there.
Our program is for women who are unsatisfied with their old lives and wish to learn to lead a Christ centered life.

Phase 1: A period of approximately 3 months where the women adjust to life free from destructive living habits. They will learn constructive coping skills, abandoning spontaneous behaviors of acting and reacting in order to survive and obtain their desired and immediate need. During this phase they will begin attending recovery classes, learning to plan for the future, learn about their behavior patterns of old dysfunctional behaviors, and learn about making choices that bring about more positive consequences in life.

Phase 2: The women will continue school for GED, learn job-seeking skills, and look for work. The women will participate in budgeting classes and be required to save money for their future outside of Beauty for Ashes. During this time they will continue to live out newly taught life skills and will still be receiving support from Spiritual mentors and going to recovery classes.

Phase 3: The women will have developed renewed and Godly views of themselves and will be more adequately prepared to maintain a healthy living style outside of the program. Throughout the final phase they will be searching for new living arrangements where they will be independently providing for themselves and living on their own. Realizing the need for support from other grounded Christians and understanding that He is the Rock of their new foundation, they will continue living a renewed and restored life with purpose.

What We Offer

Recovery through 12 step program attendance
Mentoring and nurturing Relationships
Life Skills education grounded in scripture
Classes to promote improved quality of life
Learning to serve others through volunteering
Job search skills
Coping with stress
Anger management
Crafts/daily productivity

House Rules

Among other rules, some important rules include:

No drugs or alcohol allowed
Random drug tests will be conducted
No second chances for drug or alcohol use
No foul language
No inappropriate music, television, videos, etc.
No cell phones or internet access allowed until Phase III
No male visitors to the house
All living areas will be kept clean
Daily schedules will be followed

What We Expect of the Women

Abide by all House Rules
Be respectful to staff, volunteers, and other women at all times
Dress and act appropriately
Attend church services regularly
Work the Celebrate Recovery program
Meet regularly with a Christian Counselor
Meet regularly with a Case Worker
Attend daily bible study
Not use drugs or alcohol
Work toward GED if applicable
Keep living spaces clean
Search for and find a job
Volunteer at a church or other non-profit organization

What the Women Should Expect

Work toward our expectations mentioned above
Submit to random drug testing
Have moral support from our staff and volunteers
Be provided safe clean living conditions
Be provided an opportunity to improve their lives
Have the love of Christ shared with them


Cost for each woman is need-based on a sliding scale and is held as low as possible. We appreciate and accept donations to offset living expenses.

We are privately funded through financial donations. We graciously accept donations for cash to offset living expenses, household goods, and supplies.

Mission Statement: We are a Christ centered organization devoted to helping women find their identity in Christ and this world, guiding them toward a life free of substance abuse, dependence on others, and shame over their past challenges and mistakes.