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Bridges of America- the Orlando Bridge Reentry Program

2011 Mercy Dr
Orlando,FL 32808
(407) 291-1500
Bridges of America- the Orlando Bridge Reentry Program
Bridges of America- the Orlando Bridge Reentry Program


Bridges of America Provides continuous care in residential substance abuse treatment programs, transition centers, community release centers, and community re entry services for offenders, ex-felons, and probation populations. Bridges of America is an FDC Contractor 

Bridges of of America currently manage over 12 facilities throughout Florida with an average total daily population of approximately 1600 inmates and clients. In addition, Bridges Correctional Treatment provides Outpatient, Intervention, and Aftercare Treatment in 3 Department of Corrections Community Release Centers (Fort Pierce, Opa Locka, and West Palm Beach) for a total of 245 program slots.

Mission Statement: Bridges International Chaplaincy Services embraces a holistic approach to recovery and accommodates the mental (emotional, cognitive), physical, social, and spiritual needs of the persons served. Chaplains deliver, monitor, and facilitate a broad range of religious services that provide opportunities for all client/inmates to pursue individual religious beliefs and practices of their own choosing in a manner that is consistent with the security and good order of the facility.