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City of Faith Prison Ministries

1511 Jackson St
Monroe,LA 71202
(318) 387-0029
City of Faith Prison Ministries


City of Faith provides a rehabilitation service to individuals needing a second chance.

City of Faith is located in two states servicing two different communities through 6 diverse facilities. Each of our facilities are decorated and designed with its their unique flavor, befitting of its host city. By allowing our clients to reside in an environment that is sanitary, positive, and livable, they gain a sense of empowerment and pride for their surroundings.

City of Faith Corporate Offices
Danna House
The Danna House serves as the corporate offices for City of Faith Prison Ministries. From this building all the corporate and administrative duties of both City of Faith Residential Reentry Center and City of Faith Ministries are performed. The house was purchased from he Danna family of Monroe, LA, this the house was named in their honor.

Mission Statement: Our programs enable each resident to seek employment as part of their reintegration into the community. This is beneficial to both the resident and to taxpayers. In this arrangement, a portion of the resident’s income is used to offset the coast of incarceration. In addition, the residents are required to maintain a savings account where their earnings are kept until their release.