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Day Reporting and Reentry Division Ft. Lauderdale

5400 Powerline Rd
Fort Lauderdale,FL 33309
(954) 831-5300


The Reporting and Reentry division of the Fort Lauderdale Sheriff's office helps reintegrate offenders and ex-convicts back into the community following release from jail. The division provides offenders with multiple support programs needed to transition successfully back into the community.The plan includes the level of supervision, community service hours, job search, counseling, training, daily schedules, and any court-ordered conditions.

The Reentry Center is designed to be an all inclusive center for a variety of programs and services. It is in partnership between BSO, the Florida Department of Corrections, the Broward Reentry Coalition and other community providers to help remove some of the barriers to successful community reentry and to provide formerly incarcerated persons the support they need to restructure their lives, become self-sufficient and achieve successful and meaningful lives.