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Exodus Ministries, Inc

4630 Munger Ave, Ste 110
Dallas,TX 75204
(214) 827-3772
Exodus Ministries, Inc


Exodus Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides an intensive residential discipleship program for formerly incarcerated mothers reuniting with their children immediately as they are released from prison.

Office Hours: Mondays through Fridays 9:30am to 5pm.

Reentry program for Formerly incarcerated mothers reuniting with their children.

Through the Exodus program model, ex-offenders are provided a chance to change their destiny along with that of their children. At Exodus they re-invent themselves by developing life and money management skills, becoming employed, starting a savings account, and most importantly – becoming a positive influence for their children to make correct life choices. Purpose, self-esteem, courage and trust are integrated into the “new” parent role model and passed on to their children where the wounds from separation are most often the deepest.

Exodus Ministries is a 501 (c) (3) non-denominational Christian organization established in 1985. We serve mothers from all ethnic backgrounds who are reuniting with their children and who have demonstrated a willingness to make positive changes in their life. These women are dealing with the residual pain of having been separated from their children for a long period of time and do not have the immediate financial resources to sustain their family. Exodus helps them and their families to become productive members of society by serving their spiritual and physical needs.

Each woman and her children are provided with a private, fully furnished apartment while they stay at Exodus. When they graduate from the program, the women are allowed to take everything in the apartment — furniture, clothing, food, toys — with them to help their family get started on its new life.

Mission Statement: Exodus Ministries empowers formerly incarcerated mothers and their children to achieve a productive and fulfilling life through Jesus Christ.