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Exodus Transitional Community Reentry Program

2271 Third Avenue
New York,NY 10035
(917) 492-0990
Exodus Transitional Community Reentry Program
Exodus Transitional Community Reentry Program


Though grounded in their re-entry programs, Exodus Transitional Community offers a broad spectrum of services for adults and youth affected by the justice system, and they lead the policy and advocacy efforts that promote positive change in the community. Whether through direct service or service referrals, their mission is to ensure participants not only become contributing members of society but also that they meet as many of their daily needs as possible to ensure they succeed and live well.

Services include:

The Wilderness Reentry Program: for ex convicts to reenter the employment market

Wellness Center programs: to help participants with substance abuse and behavioral problem

Youth Empowerment Programs: serving about 225 youths annually, the focus is on helping them obtain their GED or High School Diploma, complete post secondary education or training successfully enter the workforce and keep them on track by preventing them from becoming justice/gang involved or providing reentry programs for those youths who have been incarcerated and need a second chance.

Mentor-ship a Education Programs:  provide strong mentor-ships resources for adults and young people. 

Mission Statement: With a firm belief in human resilience, Exodus Transitional Community delivers innovative programming tailored to adults and youth affected by the justice system, and advocates for a society in which all can achieve social, economic, and spiritual well –being.