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Father's House Transitional Housing Recovery Program for Men

1835 Portland Ave
Memphis,TN 38127
(901) 354-6246
Father's House Transitional Housing Recovery Program for Men


The Father's House is a Faith-based organization not for profit. We are guided by Section 48-68-104(2) and (3) of the Tennessee Nonprofit Corporation Act. Our Principles are based strongly on hard work and faith that a person can re-enter society with skills knowledge and integrity of heart, find gainful employment and ultimately become a productive member of society.

The Father's House, established in 1990 offers up to one-year drug free and alcohol free environment that provides transitional housing, spiritual development and learning opportunities to the poor, the homeless, the addicted, the prisoner and ex-prisoner and to those trying to escape the frequently horrendous odds of life.

Our Program is designed to assist those seeking a new life upon release from incarceration, on parole and/or probation under the guidelines of The TN Department of Probation and Parole. The Father's House Program process is simple.
1. Inmate may write a letter to us or leave a message on the form at our Contact Us page stating interest in our program.
2. Inmate can request the Counselor, Case Worker or Re-Entry Specialist to complete The Father's House Application for you and email the application back to us.

Note: An Inmate can not have possession of The Father's House Application. If your Counselor, Case Worker or Re-Entry Specialist does not have our application, one can be requested via email. (refer to Contact Us)

Once your application has been emailed to The Father's House Administration the Counselor, Case Worker or Re-Entry Specialist will receive a response from our office within 3-5 business days.

Requirements for Entry into The Father's House Program are as follows: Valid Application Accepted by The Father's House Administrator. The perspective resident is responsible for the Entry Fee of $150.00 Prior to arrival (unless other arrangements have been agree upon).

The perspective resident has to qualify for RHP before acceptance and/or arrival to The Father's House Transitional Housing Program.

If perspective resident does not qualify for RHP then self pay of $580.00 (per month) will be required in full before arrival (unless other arrangements have been agreed upon).

After all requirements have been met, The Father's House Administration will approved perspective resident upon bed availability.

NOTE: The Father's House Does Not send applications to Inmate and all communication will be conducted through Counselor, Re-Entry Specialist, Case Manager, Parole Officer or RHP Coordinator.