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G Street Parolee Service Center

2369 S G St
Fresno,CA 93721
(559) 233-0515
G Street Parolee Service Center
G Street Parolee Service Center



Food and shelter

Job placement

Reestablishment of family ties

Medical and dental services

Individual and family counseling

Drug and alcohol abuse counseling

Mental health services

Legal assistance

Vocational evaluation and counseling

Bible studies and Christian counseling

Special speakers and presentations

The Fresno Reentry Center program seeks to facilitate a healthy and successful transition to self-sufficient community living for each resident. Each resident has an individual program plan with gainful employment as a top priority. Opportunities and privileges offered are contingent on satisfactory conduct and progress toward completion of goals in the program plan. Other goals include:

Achieving financial stability

Mission Statement: To provide public benefit through helping people develop skills, motivation, and resources to become productive members of society. healthy in body, mind, and spirit