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Goodwill Gulfstream Industries - Vero Beach

919 14th Lane
Vero Beach,FL 32960
(772) 299-4460
Goodwill Gulfstream Industries - Vero Beach
Goodwill Gulfstream Industries - Vero Beach


Palm Beach County and Gulfstream Goodwill Industries work in collaboration with the Palm Beach Sheriffs Office (PBSO) and the Florida Department of Corrections (DC) to provide re-entry services to individuals who are returning home from a period of incarceration to Central Palm Beach County and the Western Communities. The Regional and State Transitional Offender Re-Entry (RESTORE) Initiative, created through the partnership between Palm Beach County and DC, provides inmates with pre- and post-release services to assist with their transition back into the community. This program receives referrals directly from the Sago Palm Re-Entry Prison. Gulfstream Goodwill also receives direct referrals from PBSO and is able to provide pre- and post-release services to those referred.

Each participant served through Gulfstream Goodwills Adult Re-entry Services receives a case manager who works with them to address their needs and concerns. The participant is given the tools and guidance to deal with the barriers created by their past, creating a pathway to their future. Services and referrals offered include but are not limited to assessment, transitional housing, one-on-one counseling, empowerment groups, family reunification, substance abuse treatment and/or counseling, applications for community assistance, obtaining identification, and assistance with employment. The goals of the program are to help participants develop a better and more productive life for themselves and their families, reduce recidivism and increase public safety throughout Palm Beach County.

Mission Statement: Gulfstream Goodwill Industries assists people with disabilities and other barriers to employment to become self-sufficient, working members of our community.