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Jacksonville Re-entry Center

1024 Superior Street
Jacksonville,FL 32254
(904) 301-2400
Jacksonville Re-entry Center


Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm


Upon release from incarceration, clients are offered assistance with day-to day functions, such as life skills and filing for social services. JREC offers clients hope and the education needed to re-enter society.

Offenders who do not meet the full requirements of the JREC are provided information and referrals to other agencies for assistance. The offenders may still use the pre-employment training, showers, hygiene kits and clothing.

JREC provides the following services to qualified clients:

  • Assistance with transitional housing
  • Health care
  • Transportation
  • Pre-employment training
  • Case-management
  • Identification
  • Food stamps application
  • Filing for social security benefits
  • New clothing
  • Tattoo removal (gang-related)