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Jubilee Housing

1640 Columbia Rd NW,
Washington,DC 20009
(202) 299-1240
Jubilee Housing


Returning citizen candidates are invited to participate in our housing program up to a year while obtaining employment and working towards financial independence and sobriety to transition into long term housing.

General Requirements:

- DC Resident

- History of criminal justice system involvement: precedence given to those incarcerated within past year

- Eligible to work

- Minimum 30 days of sobriety

- Compliant with medication

- Willing to participate in community living, complete chores, and have roommate(s)

- Willing to attend 3 AA/NA meetings (if applicable) in addition to case management and house meetings weekly

Intake Process:

Email reentryintake@jubileehousing.org or call 202-559-2366 to request a screener form, which determines interview eligibility.

The following documentation will be required prior to scheduling an interview:

• Program Application (attached)

• Mental Health Assessment


• Social Security Card

• Birth Certificate

• List of current medications (if applicable)

• TB Test

• Face Sheet/Prison ID

• Zero income (attached, if applicable)

Hour long interviews are held at the reentry office, which will be provided during scheduling.

Please inquire if there are available openings.

Mission Statement: Building diverse, compassionate communities that create opportunities for everyone to thrive.