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Kc Second Chance Reentry Program

3100 Broadway,
Kansas City,MO 64111
(816) 231-0450


Program Provides:

Job Readiness Training
    Access to felon-friendly employers in the Kansas City metro area
    Basic Resume and Cover letter building skills
    Interviewing skills - e.g. how to explain your offense to a potential employer
    Transportation assistance
    Referrals for clothing, work boots, and other employment services

Housing (Must be working a full-time permanent job, making at least $13.50/hr)
    Access to felon-friendly landlords in the Kansas City metro area
    One-time financial assistance
    Tenant Rights and Responsibilities class
    Referrals for furnishing assistance

Probation/Parole & Personal Needs
    Community Service fee assistance
    Positive officer/client relationship reinforcement
    Access to substance abuse and/or mental health programming
    Access to education programs (GED/Diploma, On-the-Job Training, Higher Education)
    Access to basic health needs (eye glasses, prescriptions, etc.)

Requirements for program:
Must meet all of the following:
    Be on Missouri State Supervised Probation or Parole - regardless of the offense

    Resident of Kansas City, MO proper - Jackson County
        If you live in Clay County, you must have a Kansas City, MO proper address​

    Active participant in Job Club
        Must attend a minimum of one in-person Job Club for Case Management program assistance. You must complete a phone screening with the Services Coordinator.