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Mercy House Good News Outreach

548 E Bradford Rd
Tallahassee,FL 32303
(850) 412-0016
Mercy House Good News Outreach


Mercy House welcomes formerly incarcerated men as they begin the journey to become contributing members of society. They will face challenges such as making their own decisions as they strive to overcome the negative and often hopeless impacts of prison life.

The program begins for successful applicants as soon as they are released from prison. Applicants are referred to Mercy House by a correctional institution's chaplain, classification officer or other agency.

The program serves males only and excludes sex offenders. We focus on men who have had substance abuse issues in the past, but are looking for a way to stay sober and change their futures. The program also serves felons with life sentences but who have been approved for release provided they participate in a re-entry program for a year.

Participating men live at the Mercy House in northeast Tallahassee and receive help with substance abuse, clothing, medical needs, job searching, education issues and other activities of daily living. Mercy House has room for 11 men and expects to serve about 24 each year.

Good News Outreach volunteers and staff are there to lend a hand to the men throughout the six to nine-month program. Their caring support along with generous spiritual and monetary donations from local community members, make it possible for the men to achieve such goals as:

Finding a job

Securing housing

Managing their money better

Acquiring a GED or other training for employment

Freedom from substance abuse

Regaining the support and love of family members

Contributing in some way to society

Avoiding situations and activities leading back to prison

How to apply for the Mercy House program

Contact Good News Outreach by phone, email or letter

(850) 412-0016


P.O. Box 3304, Tallahassee, Fl, 32315

Provide the applicants Department of Corrections number. An application will be sent to you to complete and return to Good News Outreach