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Ouachita Parish Transitional Work Program for Men

4801 South Grand Street
Monroe,LA 71202
(318) 410-2400
Ouachita Parish Transitional Work Program for Men


Certain eligible offenders may enter a transitional work program (TWP) from six (6) months to four (4) years prior to release from incarceration, depending on the offense of conviction.

Generally, sex offenders are precluded from participation in the transitional work program. Offenders that are approved for the program are required to work at an approved job and when not working they must return to the structured environment of the assigned facility. Probation and Parole Officers are assigned monitoring responsibilities for contract TWPs. This may include conducting random drug screens and random shakedowns of the facility. Additionally, the Probation and Parole Officer is part of the Auditing Teams that conduct annual audit of TWP facilities. TWPs are successful in assisting an offender with making the transition from prison back into the work force. Approximately 10 to 20 percent of offenders remain with their employer upon release. The TWP is also utilized as a valuable alternative for technical parole violators, in lieu of returning them to prison.

Benefits of TWPs: Placement of an offender in a TWP is much more cost effective than traditional incarceration. Offenders become taxpayers, not tax consumers and are able to pay victim restitution, child support, court costs and fines. A long-range reentry objective involves increasing the TWP beds.