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Geo Reentry Philadelphia

1 Reed Street
Philadelphia,PA 19147
(215) 463-1260
Geo Reentry Philadelphia


Residential Reentry

GEO Reentry offers residential programming to support correctional agencies looking for an effective, secure, and structured transition to community life. Through wide-ranging and complementary services that include temporary housing, monitoring and transitional services, GEO Reentry works to return responsible, productive men and women to their families and communities. GEO Reentrys residential programs are safe and secure and include closed-circuit security cameras, an electronic sign in/out system, 24-hour custodial care and ongoing drug and alcohol testing. Reentrants may reside in a residential reentry center for 30 to 180 days.

As a measure of quality, GEO Reentry residential reentry centers have also received accreditation from the American Correctional Association, and the program integrates easily with electronic monitoring and home detention.