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I'm FREE (Females Reentering Empowering Each Other)

3721 Midvale Avenue
Philadelphia,PA 19129
(215) 951-0330
I'm FREE (Females Reentering Empowering Each Other)


Im FREE is a non-profit serving incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women from the greater Philadelphia area. We work hard every day to empower women so they can go out and make a positive difference in the world.

Im FREE provides the following services:


Transforming One Woman at a Time: Reintegration Support (T1W)
7-Week Cognitive Behavioral Transformation Training
Orient female offenders with our services 90-days prior to release
Court Support


Meet her at the Gate
Dignity Bag
Gender Responsive Wrap Around Services
Economic Development and Self-Sufficiency Training
Empowerment Training

Mission Statement: Created with trauma-impacted women's specific needs in mind, I'm FREE helps incarcerated women transition back into society by providing coaching, training and care services.