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Ready, Willing & Able

1221 Bainbridge St.
Philadelphia,PA 19147
(215) 795-3255
Ready, Willing & Able


Ready, Willing & Able provides paid transitional work, support services, and housing to homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals.

Ready, Willing & Able accepts homeless males, over the age of 18, who currently reside in emergency housing shelter.

Case managers in these facilities can work with interested clients in completing a transitional housing application.

Applicants to Ready, Willing & Able should also be:

  • Ready to give up drugs and alcohol.
  • Willing to commit to program structure of self-sufficiency.
  • Able to work.

Mission Statement: Ready, Willing & Able is a nonprofit organization that provides a holistic, structured environment for homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals to regain power over their lives and become productive members of society again