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Partners Reentry Center

419 Barrow Street
Anchorage,AK 99501
(907) 258-1192
Partners Reentry Center


Provide reentry support, with programs such as:

- Employment service

- Transitional housing assistance

- Counseling and mentoring


Applicants must be within 6 months of conviction or release from incarceration.

Must have some form of ID (Drivers License, State ID, CIB, Prison ID, etc.).

Must be free from any current or pending criminal issues (unless they are on a deferred sentencing program).

Persons with Arson or Arson-related charges are not eligible, they may be eligible for other assistance.

Must be willing to participate in work search, support groups, MRT, community service hours and case management.

Misdemeanant applicants must provide a judgment letter and proof of ASAP compliance, or be on a municipal or state deferred sentencing program.