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P.O. Box 1484
Crestwood,KY 40014
(502) 222-2389


Christian aftercare program helping men and women (our clients) avoid prison return. Prodigal offers love, training and motivation through rigorous programs and disciplined living in residential housing centers.

Prodigal Ministries provides much needed stability and support to former prisoners. We help them to develop the community living skills and accountability that theyll need to redirect their lives and to become productive citizens. With Gods help, we achieve meaningful results, helping valuable individuals change their future and the direction for the next generations. At the heart of everything Prodigal Ministries does is the belief that each client is a being of worth. Therefore, our philosophy is to 'trust first.' New clients may not leave the premises for 48 hours and at some point will have a drug test. But unlike most programs, they are NOT subjected to body or possession searches for drugs, tobacco and weapons.

Mission Statement: Former inmates are introduced back into society through role modeling and mentoring programs at Prodigal Ministries. During their time with us, we instill a strong motivation and desire toward purposeful, focused living. And, we help foster self-respect and a sense of accomplishment through various programs. By encouraging and enabling education, our clients are equipped with skills for employment and self-support. Recovery from addictive illness is promoted, including active participation in Twelve Step programs. Men and women, Christians and non-Christians are accepted.