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Project 180 Downtown Headquarters

470 E. 3rd Street
Los Angeles,CA 90013
(213) 620-5712
Project 180 Downtown Headquarters
Project 180 Downtown Headquarters


Project 180 offers comprehensive diversion and re-entry programs for Angelenos involved in the criminal justice system.

Reentry Programs:

AB 109

Co-Occurring Disorder Court (CODC)

Co-occurring Integrated Care Network (COIN)

Empowering People through Intervention Choices (EPIC)

Intensive Case Management Services Program (ICMS)

Federal Probation Project 180

Misdemeanor Incompetent to Stand Trial, Community-Based Restoration Program (MIST-CBR)

Supportive Employment

Young Adults Program

Diversion, Outreach, and Opportunities for Recovery (L.A. DOOR)

Adult Re-Entry Comprehensive Services (ARCS)

Integrated Mobile Health Team (IMHT)

Project DIRECT