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Re-entry Connection

P.O. Box 115567
Atlanta,GA 30310
(678) 471-9625
Re-entry Connection


Office Hours:
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Mentoring Formerly Incarcerated & Incarcerated Females

Re-entry Connection supports formerly incarcerated females while they deal with the personal, economic, educational, and life challenges that hinder success following lock-up. In addition, they address the issues of offender's rights and re-entry challenges through grassroots organizing, community and coalition building.

- Social Justice Advocacy

- Re-Entry

- Felon Voter Rights
- Human& Civil Rights Advocacy

- Womens Health Issues
Womens Wellness

- Job Search Assistance
- Career Development
- GED &Education Referrals
- Leadership Training
- Non-Profit Mentoring

- Links to Social Services
- Housing Referrals
- Toiletries
- Clothing
Emergency Services

Mission Statement: We provide a soft place to land!