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(305) 326-9799
Riverside House


Riverside House exists to guide men and women convicted of crime into becoming productive citizens through a nondenominational, faith-based approach.Our vision: The formerly incarcerated are good citizens and neighbors-productive, educated, with strong family and spiritual values, playing an equal role in contributing to a safe and vibrant community.

Riverside House’s Residential Reentry Program assists men and women in making a successful transition from prison to the community. To accomplish this, we offer personalized programs that emphasize life issues such as employment, life skills, substance abuse counseling, and family reunification.

During enrollment in the Residential Reentry Program, residents live at Riverside House. In addition, they must participate in support services that may include educational opportunities, individual and group counseling, job search and placement, and substance abuse counseling.

Unique to our organization, and at the core of all programs, is the non-denominational message of God’s forgiveness. Our compassionate team and volunteers also focus on teaching accountability and restoring the broken bonds between the client and their family.

    Client orientation
    Individual assessment of history
    Individual program or treatment plan, including length of stay, client input, goal setting, and direction
    Bi-weekly and weekly counseling and program review
    Group counseling
    Referrals to community agencies
    Job interview coaching and employment skills training
    Rent collection from clients
    Recreational activities
    Voluntary Pastoral Care services
    Release planning and preparation
    Outpatient assessment and counseling for clients

    Sign in/out computerized system
    Authorized departure/return times
    Verification of all pass requests
    Random drug and alcohol testing
    Employment verification
    Regular population counts
    Valid auto registration and insurance
    Verification of prospective residence
    Video surveillance of property
    Disciplinary procedures implemented as necessary

    Personal Evangelism
    Church Services on the First Sunday of the Month
    Pastoral Counseling
    Bible Study/Discipleship

Non Residential Program
Riverside House believes that all offenders should have guidance available to them. Our goal is to guide individuals towards the path to a new, productive life.

Our Non-residential Support program serves to assist graduates from our Comprehensive Residential Reentry Program as well as all offenders struggling with life after incarceration. The program includes a variety of services to help offenders navigate the journey of their second chance at leading positive and productive lives.

Services include spiritual guidance, support groups, individual counseling, employment training, life skills training, and referrals to community agencies that offer additional support.

Life changes are never easy. At Riverside House, we believe that all offenders deserve to have the resources and guidance to assist them on their path towards a new, positive life.


If you or a loved one is struggling with making the transition from an offender to a positive and productive life, our Non – Residential Support Program may be the answer. Our program takes referrals from churches, families, probation officers, and graduates. The Non – Residential Support Program can assist:
    Incarcerated individuals
    Individuals struggling with substance abuse
    Individuals in need of guidance on how to make better decisions
    Individuals who are struggling with unemployment and finding their path
    Graduates who have fallen
    Those who have previously been through one of our programs
We ask that all interested parties contact our administrative office to obtain the enrollment forms. Please call (305) 326-9799 and ask to speak with the chaplain.

Riverside House can also provide these forms to individuals in prison. Once our team has had an opportunity to review your application, one of our staff members will contact you to discuss a customized program based on your needs.

Mission Statement: Our Mission: Riverside House exists to guide men and women convicted of crime into becoming productive citizens through a nondenominational, faith-based approach.