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Safer Foundation

571 W. Jackson Boulevard
Chicago,IL 60661
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Safer Foundation


Safer Foundation is one of the nations largest nonprofit social impact organizations focusing on human capital development for people with criminal records. At Safer, we focus on helping our clients secure and maintain employment because we understand that employment offers the best chance at successful reentry.

Safer Foundation believes community corrections, or Adult Transition Centers, are vital to providing incarcerated individuals a chance to restructure and stabilize their lives. Safer is the only non-profit agency to operate two secured residential Adult Transitional Centers (ATCs) on behalf of the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Safer Foundations evidence-based programs are geared toward addressing the barriers to reentry. Employment and employment-related services are the cornerstones of our service delivery system, which includes job preparedness, placement and retention services.

Safers Adult Transition Centers (ATCs) prepare qualified residents with 6 to 24 months left on their sentence the opportunity to gradually transition to the community. Residents receive assessment and treatment services and can take advantage of highly structured programs that can lead to employment pre and post-release.

Crossroads Adult Transition Center
Safer Foundation Crossroads Building B

North Lawndale Adult Transition Center

Program Components

    Case Management
    Employment Services/Job Readiness/Retention
    Cognitive-Based Programming
    Basic Skills, GED
    Substance Abuse Treatment
    Mental Health Counseling/ Evaluations
    Community Service
    Life Skills
    Family Support
    Parenting Skills

Mission Statement: To support, through a full spectrum of services, the efforts of people with arrest & conviction records to become employed, law-abiding members of the community and, as a result, reduce recidivism.