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Abe Brown Ministries Reentry Program

2921 N. 29th Street
Tampa,FL 33605
(813) 247-3285
Abe Brown Ministries Reentry Program


Abe Brown Ministries (ABM) services assist ex-convicts in establishing an spiritual support system and learning life skills along with the value of gainful employment. Gives them hope for sustaining their family, employment, and finances. The result is productive citizens in communities, improving the quality of life for all.

Ready4Work - a nationally recognized program to assist ex-offenders with re-entry into the workforce and effectively towards a ,more productive life, is available at this center.

Services include:

Transitional Living
Furniture & Clothing
Food for Life Pantry
Family Reunification
Family Restoration

Mission Statement: Our vision is to establish excellence in prison ministry, beyond an offender's release. As offenders transition back to the community, we offer an environment of compassion that will provide both a residential safe-haven and transitional training. In conjunction with preparing these individuals for productive living, we build relationships with employers in the community who will gainfully employ graduates of the program. At the core of our model is Discipleship, which comes from both mentors and peers alike. This critical component fosters continued spiritual growth, accountability, and service to others.