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SHISA House East - Women's Halfway House

2830 Park Street
Jacksonville,FL 32205
(904) 389-1303
SHISA House East - Women's Halfway House


 Shisa operates transitional houses for female offenders at Shisa West in Tallahassee, Florida and Shisa House East, Jacksonville, Florida. To be eligible to live at the Shisa halfway houses, and participate in a work-release program, inmates must pass the screening standards set and administered by the Florida Department of Corrections.

Upon arrival at a Shisa House, inmates attend a work-readiness seminar. Shisa has designed the seminar to assist inmates in overcoming fears they experience after long absences from society and mainstream employment. This training includes everything from proper dress, preparing résumés, interviewing, and how to explain gaps in their employment history.

Off-site work governs the daily lives of most of the work-release residents, who are mandated by the Department of Corrections to obtain employment within 14 days of their arrival. Shisa is north Florida’s job transitions community partner.

Mission Statement: Shisa House is dedicated to identifying, developing, and implementing innovative solutions to societal problems. In this way, Shisa exemplifies the best of private/public partnership.