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T.R.C. Prison Ministries

PO Box 9657
Port Saint Lucie,FL 34985
(772) 763-5130
T.R.C. Prison Ministries


TRC Prison Ministry offers a Christian Facility for recently released inmates to aid them in establishing a lifestyle that is as much in line with God's will as it is functional in a real world. 

They provide a one year program that will 'take the prison out of the prisoner'. This is accomplished through their in residence program, which will help them return to society as members of the evangelical church of their choice. Gainfully employed and housed. 

Mission Statement: Our vision at TRC Prison Ministry is: 1) To be a people the surrounding community can look upon and see the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. 2) To disciple men that have been incarcerated,or who are seeking to get their lives back,from all walks of life - in the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ in order for them to be able to live productive lives. 3) To provide a place that meets the needs of the individuals and families of those who were incarcerated or homeless. 4) Implement Bible studies, host guest speakers and initiate a mentoring program that will aid the men and their families walk in their new found lives.