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Dannon Project Thomasville, AL Reentry Program

608 Tallahatta Springs Road
Thomasville,AL 36784
(334) 637-3378
Dannon Project Thomasville, AL Reentry Program


The Dannon Project provides re-entry services to person who have been involved with the juvenile or adult justice system, helps unemployed or underemployed at-risk youth and non-violent returning citizens reentering society.

Dannon Project has been awarded funding from the Department of Labor (DOL) to fund re-entry and risk prevention initiatives.

The Dannon Project is one of the top producing re-entry programs nationwide.

Training Programs:

         ABE Tutoring & GED Testing

         Pathways Out of Poverty (POP)

         Restorative Justice

         Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP)

         Career Pathways & Counseling

         Food Services Training

         Building Maintenance Training

         Office Skills Training

         Emergency Management Training

Mission Statement: It was established to help all persons in transition, especially those with addictions on the road to recovery, unemployed, underemployed, at-risk youth and adults, and specifically nonviolent offenders reentering society.