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Volunteers of America Texas Residential Re-Entry Center

800 W. Wintergreen Road
Hutchins,TX 20201
(972) 225-5472
Volunteers of America Texas Residential Re-Entry Center


Volunteers of America Program

This program is designed to provide punitive sanctions for offenders under supervision and will also serve as a pre-release facility for inmates who are nearing the completion of their custody sentences. This program will focus on custody requirements rather than rehabilitation, although the program will provide drug treatment and other educational opportunities. There are (3) basic components to the Residential Re-Entry Center; Community Corrections, Pre-Release, and Home Confinement within these components there are six custody levels ranging from 24-hour restriction to Home Confinement. Each of the programs components will be monitored by a Program Review Team, which consists of representatives from the Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Probation Department, and Volunteers of America