Idaho ReEntry Programs

Residential, governmental, non profit programs

Find Re-Entry Programs in Idaho. We list out all of the cities below where we have located re-entry programs.

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Idaho Reentry Programs

Latest reentry programs added in Idaho

Apalachee Center - Leon County

2634 Capital Circle NE
Tallahassee, ID - 32308
(850) 523-3333

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What you will find on our website

Programs that assist in the transition from incarceration to being back in society. .

Employment Programs

There are many programs that assist those re-entering society find employment. Assistance programs include classes, meetings, volunteer opportunities, low cost educational services.

Other types of reentry

Programs also include housing placement, specific job industry training, temporary transitional housing, workforce development. We list as many as these resources as we can find.

Long Term Reetnry Programs

There are many long term programs up to 24 months. They are unique but we list them by city.